The Junius Pamphlet 2016: Attack 1.0

                                                                              “Comparisons are odorous” – Dogberry

It’s been 100 years since the publication of The Junius Pamphlet, Rosa Luxemburg’s attack on the German Social Democratic Party for supporting its own government’s entry into World War I. Rosa was in jail when it was published.


Luxemburg famously called the Second International a “stinking corpse” and called for re-building the revolutionary movement.

Now Sam Charles Hamad has called out “the left” for its support for the genocidal Bashar Al-Assad in similar terms, correctly placing the Syrian revolution at the center of world politics, making its betrayal therefore inexcusable. I agree with him in general and in detail. Of course he has not said everything. That’s why his is Attack 1.0. Others already exist but you have to start somewhere and Hamad’s piece functions well as a grounding document for me.

We should heed his voice and act accordingly.

Among other things the Syrian Revolution exposes the idiotic fragmentation of the western left and its ancient but surviving (and ruling!) divisions and incantations, once again shown to be of no value whatsoever in discerning reality or changing it.


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2 Responses to The Junius Pamphlet 2016: Attack 1.0

  1. RS says:

    Some comrades have been attacking the stinking corpse that is the so-called ‘left’ and calling for rebuilding a revolutionary movement since 2012 when the body count in Syria was under 100,000 and the only air force operating in the country was Assad’s. Nice to see that others have finally started to heed the call all these years later once such calls became semi-fashionable (or ‘woke’ as the kids like to say these days).


  2. Well, RS, you have my attention now. I am an old hand of sorts and pretty thick-skinned so your comment is cool with me and I freely admit that I got lost on this issue for a couple of years — to the point that I stopped paying close attention, about the time the FSA disappeared completely from the media I follow. But I suggest that many more may come around to your view and you ought to welcome them and organize them. That is what I am going to try to do and why I wrote this article. You probably know many many things that would aid me in building solidarity with Syria insofar as I can so I think we should be pals.

    In the US the view you champion is almost completely absent from the media aggregators of the (supposed) left: Counterpunch, Truthdig, Truthout, Huntington Post. There is nothing remotely like Al-Jumhuriya. Naturally on the more democratic level of blogs and aggregator sites sponsored by knowledgeable Arabs and others the information is available but you have to know where to look and not everybody is lucky like me in having excellent mentors and guides into this world.


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