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AS Interviews Historian Bruce Levine

Originally posted on After Slavery:
In the latest in a series of interviews with prominent scholars of US slave emancipation, Brian Kelly of the After Slavery Project interviewed historian Bruce Levine about his most recent book, The Fall of the…

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The 1970 Los Angeles-Cleveland Teamster Wildcat Strike

Dan LaBotz’ nice obituary for Steve Kindred here talked about Steve’s days in Los Angeles organizing strike support in 1970 and beyond. As a participant in those days and those organizations and struggles, I want to add a little to Dan’s recounting. … Continue reading


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The $15 minimum wage campaign in Seattle

    Here’s an article Tom Barnard and I published in about the stagr of the minimum wage fight in Seattle:

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Starting Over

I began this blog when John Olmsted and I traveled to Cairo two years ago to check out, photograph and video the Arab Spring. John did the organizing, contact work and paid the bills (thanks, Johnny!) and I was in … Continue reading

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John prepares to depart

Friends: The events in Egypt and No. Africa have been so inspiring that they have lifted me a bit out of the cynicism I have been suffering these last few years. Perhaps they have been having a similar effect on … Continue reading

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How John characterizes our trip

Following is a little write-up from my friend John Olmsted about our project: “Today this country is your country. Do not litter. Don’t drive through traffic lights. Don’t bribe. Don’t forge paperwork. Don’t drive the wrong way. Don’t drive quickly … Continue reading

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Going to Cairo

I am headed to Cairo to make a movie with my friend John Olmsted (who will arrive a few days ahead of me) about changing consciousness in an unfolding revolutionary situation. Of course neither of us knows what we will … Continue reading

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